Sherry Garber

Sherry L. Garber

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Sherry L. Garber is a founding partner of Convergent Semiconductors.  She has over 25 years of semiconductor experience with industry knowledge that includes program management, manufacturing, R&D at the systems level, strategic marketing, international business management and customer service.  She is a renowned authority in semiconductor memories.

Ms Garber is recognized as an experienced industry analyst.  Formerly Senior Vice President and one of the founding team of Semico Research Corporation, Ms Garber held management positions with In-Stat, Siemens, GTE, and Rogers corporations.  While with Siemens Corp., she was part of the management team responsible for establishing and directing technology, marketing and manufacturing plans following the acquisition of a telecom R&D group.  Recently she chaired an international strategic business conference for semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers.

Ms Garber provided strategic and analytic assessment on the semiconductor and memory industries for various NATO countries as well as U.S. state-level economic development organizations that led to substantial economic investment and government commitments.  She advised Italian government officials, financial organizations specializing in technology in Italy, the European press, and Politecnico di Milano university professors in Milan, Italy.  Ms Garber has worked with industry organization such as SEMI, Sematech and the Albany NanoCollege regarding semiconductor trends, opportunities, risks and potential advantages and disadvantages of participating in the semiconductor industry.  She aided a U.S. economic development organization and international investment firms in comprehending and presenting a case for investment.

Ms Garber qualified as an expert witness in every jurisdiction within which she testified.  She successfully testified in two California Superior Courts and assisted the US DOJ in attaining a satisfactory resolution to a long-standing, hundreds-of-million dollars claim against the US Government.

Ms Garber has been published in all the major electronics publications, financial publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and international publications such as The Economist, ICFAI of India and Korean Financial Times.  Her copyrighted article and study topics include DRAM, DRAM modules, memory manufacturing, and memory end-use applications.  Ms Garber's publications include eight to ten comprehensive reports yearly on memory and related issues from 1990 to present.