Bob Merritt

Bob Merritt

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Bob Merritt is a founding partner of Convergent Semiconductors, LLC.  He is a 25-year veteran of semiconductor and communications markets.  His tenure includes management-level positions with the top worldwide memory manufacturers.  Mr. Merritt's successes include the achievement of sales, revenue, and operational goals for the memory companies.  Product responsibility included SRAM, DRAM, and other memory-related products.

Starting in the semiconductor industry as a sales engineer for Intel, Mr. Merritt subsequently held senior executive positions in marketing and operations at major semiconductor memory companies including Mostek, Hitachi, Alliance Semiconductors, Siemens, and Hyundai.  His responsibilities included memory marketing of DRAM and SRAM.

Mr. Merritt joined Semico Research Corp. in 1998 as Vice President with responsibility for memory-related consulting, the DRAM Portfolio and new memory technology.  Analysis focused on applications and product trends associated with memory technologies.

Convergent Semiconductor responsibilities encompass strategic NAND and DRAM marketing analysis, as well as custom reports on memory manufacturing trends, production capacity, and investments.  This includes relating legal, technical and market issues to make the memory market clearer to participants as well as outsiders.

Mr. Merritt is qualified as an expert witness in the memory field.

Publications:  Mr. Merritt is published and quoted in the major semiconductor industry publications.  He provides all levels of seminars on the memory industry to executives with any relationship to the semiconductor industry.

Mr. Merritt has provided custom research and critical product guidance to several established semiconductor and PC companies on topics such as cellular phones, analog and RF manufacturing processes, PC architectural trends, and advanced memory technologies on a yearly basis.  Key author of an overall Memory Report for CSLAU Financial analysts in Asia and Europe

Consulted with the World Bank to provide insight to investment required for packaging memory and other semiconductors for the country of Malaysia.

Presented tutorials on the semiconductor industry, applications for memory and technical analysis for design engineers, procurement, marketing, sales and management executives.