Memory analysis topics

Perceptive market intelligence for memory and related technologies/applications from industry professionals that OEMS, semiconductor vendors, end system designers, and hedge fund managers rely upon.

make decisions based upon data based information

Convergent works with clients to provide data, insight, guidance, and targeted analysis on memory and related topics as market and technology changes occur.

Analysis, consulting & expert witness focused on dram, nand & emerging memory

Technology Evolution

The Rise of Robotics

Memory Product Life Cycles Versus End

Product Life Cycles
Memory Vendors

End System Design Issues Related to Product Life Cycle

Experience Identifying Opportunities created by event changes

Shift in End Products and Its Impact on Supply and Demand

Memory Architectures Evolution

System Architecture Evolution

DRAM, NAND and Emerging Memories

NAND and 3D NAND Markets

Moore’s Law Impact and Future

Makimoto’s Wave

Our clients know we provide a competitive advantage to enable them to make money instead of expensive mistakes.

understanding market diversification


The memory market is diversified by end application. This can be confusing and a challenge to comprehend for new applications. Don’t make decisions based upon broad publicity statements. You need information targeted to your unique market.